What is Sweet Child of Mine?

Many families buy “first year” printet books for their children, but the books often end up dusty and empty at the shelve, as they are never at your hand when needed. In addition it’s a hazel finding the right pictures, printing them and adding descriptions. Picture books are excellent gifts, but do not capture the essence of the moment, e.g. “how did the parents feel right after your birth”, and they have limited chronological guidance for the user. 

By using the benefit of recording descriptions and pictures via your smartphone, the application transforms the moments into nicely designed books that come in many designs. The user can choose different book content e.g. questions and design, so it fits the users personal style. The user can also invite other contributors to provide content, pictures and text, so that other close relatives of the child can help create the perfect childhood book.



Several cool book designs
User can adapt content
Multiple contributors to join the book
Preview what your book will end up looking like
Receive news when contributors add pictures or comments
Can handle several children

Order the book you like

When a year book is completed you can order a digital version of the book optimised for all tablets, or you can order a printet book in the format and quality you prefer. The perfect gift for you as parents, as well as the grandparents and the child itself in years to come. With a few clicks in the app you can choose the theme you believe is better - "Pink Princess" for your girl, or "Little Sailor" for your boy.


Have Questions? Shoot.

Sweet Child of Mine is free and it comes with a free template. You will be able to unlock cool new templates for 2 dollars. There is a cost of 4 dollars for buying the digital- and printer ready PDF.

The price for the final printed book will depend on the number of pages, the paper quality and binding selection. You can freely simulate the price of the book on our homepage.


Sweet Child of Mine is using a secure infrastructure hosted by a professional partner. The pictures will be stored confidentially, and only shared with your connections (the contributors). However, we cannot ensure that data losses can never occur, why we advise you to always keep a private backup of your pictures.

You can invite your family and close friends to join the book (Contributor), under the "Share" menu. When the contributors have downloaded Sweet Child of Mine, they must accept your share request. Thereafter they will be able to see the book and contribute with pictures and text. They will however not be able to overwrite the content uploaded by the person who created the book (Master).

You will receive notifications when new content has been added to the book under the "News" menu.


You can choose to deselect sections of the book (2 pagers) if the milestones and themes in that category isn't relevant for you. Some of the questions have multible choices to ensure the story/content fit your situation and child. This is clearly explained in the app tutorial. And you can always adjust text and add new pictures to existing content regardleses of who added the content.

Dont worry, there are many ways to support this:

(1) Download pictures from your other camera and 

a.Synchronize the pictures you would like added to Sweet Child of Mine via Itunes

b.Send them via mail and open via your Iphone and save to Camera Roll

c.Upload to DropBox, Airdrop or similar services, and access and save pictures to your Iphone 

(2) Save your pictures to Icloud and access them from your Iphone

Later you will be able to access Sweet Child of Mine yearbooks through our webpage




  • Dear parents, grandparents and others dear to your child. Thank you for your interest in Sweet Child of Mine - your shortcut to perpetuate your childs childhood memories in a paperback book and a digital book. We are proud to be the only provider of cool printet paperback Child Books created through your smartphone. On this page you will continuously be updated about new features, functionalities and templates for the Child Books. Should you wish to receive news in your mailbox, please register via this link.

    All the best - Sweet Child of Mine

  • We are two families who never filled out the Childs Book we bought, and we don't believe the digital file sharing is right way to share precious childhood memories. We believe in the value of giving a printet book as a special and personal gift for those you care about in an easy and cost friendly way.

  • We are currently working on a website accessible from all computers and tablets, where you can add content to your Childs Book as well. We work on creating new cool templates, and hope to be able to offer an Android version of Sweet Child of Mine soon.



  • Recognise this? A lot of empty pages in your Child Book. Too many pictures of your kid(s), and they are stores on different computers and platforms. We help you to collect the best of your memories, and you can choose from several cool designs - the perfect gift!

  • Invite your whole family and close friends to contribute to the book with their own experiences, comments and pictures. Make the Child's Book a true family book and have fun making it:-)  




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